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Focus. On Goals.
Every Day.
iDo focuses individuals and teams on their goals, boosts engagement and productivity through high recognition of daily progress.
Track daily tasks as investments into your goals. Boost motivation by unbroken chain of everyday steps and enjoy a simple goal-oriented discussion board. Learn and praise your team on achievements and reduce sync-up time.
Increase your productivity
1. Wall of Fame
You and your team have a common wall to log activities worth sharing and discussing. You see the list of relevant aims and link your Didit!s to them. You can share files, like, comment, receive a badge from your teamlead. Navigate your activities easily through grouping, filtering and a calendar pane.
How Does It Work?
You tweet your daily Didit!s into your own or shared wall
You may tag every Didit! as an investment in your important goal
Do this on the website or by replying to a daily email
Next morning everyone receives a digest of all the Didit!s contributed to goals the day before
You then leave comments, praise, view team's and individual stats for every goal and cherish a measurable path to success
We Wanted For Ourselves:
Reduce most sync-up meetings
Shared wall of Didit!s helps everyone to see where they are as a team.
Always be on top of the goals
The visual of investing a Didit! into the goal structures the workflow around what is important.
Keep performance history
Goal centered track of tasks, discussions and files make the best report for the boss
Increase happiness and productivity by praise
When accomplishments are recognized, praised and praised even more by fellows it builds the team and antiviral immunity.
Remember that great things are only done together
Visual stats help to see how various goals get input from various people. We learn to know better where we are best!
Reduce procedures
It's as easy as one more email, attach and tweet. It integrates seamlessly into everyday life.
...And Didit! For You!
Reviews And Comments
Fred Newwell
«Now I spend less time to get into what everybody does. I simply read the digest and immediately know how we are doing as a team. It is a marvel for being remote from my team. I immediately spot issues and can be proactive.»
Mike Crown
Project Manager
«All the issues started to get resolved on their own while we all know what each of us does. And that's without any coaching! Thanks, guys!»
Dima Kravetz
«We could not imagine that this could stay with us but gave it a try. Such increase in team's happiness I could not expect. Now we tweet in iDo!»
Kate McMerry
Director, travel agency
«We manage to accomplish a lot more in the same time now. My investment in iDo paid back in several days!»
Svetlana Bestuzheva
Chief Editor
«I lead a very talented team, but it has always been tough for me to find the right time to praise and criticize. iDo cracked it for me!»
Edward Gromov
Sales Director
«We did not have to change anything! In a couple of days we stopped morning sync-ups and within months we were doing twice as much in the same time with so much more fun!»
Dmitry Kryukov (Manager)
iDo and two and a half salary
«Meetings used to consume almost one fifth of our time (we are 20 people). We halved this time, so now it is only one third of what we spent previously. The time we saved, converted to money, allowed us to hire two and a half people. Thanks for that! Now you check my math, pal! :-)»
Ivan Zacepin (PM)
Who else wants to be building palaces, rather than cutting stones?
«Ilya, we've been most unmotivated team in the world, where everyone was doing what was told and no more. Now tasks stopped being only tasks, projects became common shared activity. Most importantly we could identify personal preferences — who is more willing to contribute to which goal. We started changing roles and each of us identified the most interesting area. So our jobs became our love! This could not be done without iDo.»
Alex Donin (Marketing Manager)
Finally, a simple system for a unified team spirit!
«… we certainly have worked with freelancers and seldom understood where they are and what they do. As you know, two of our 'permanent freelancers' work from Siberia and we never see them even on new year parties. They were never their for sync-up meetings due to time differences. Oh they did commit the code and communicated to project manager. But only regarding problems and issues. As we figured out after implementing iDo — they are capable of doing really great stuff, some people in Moscow really learnt a lot from them, and those guys were more than happy to be more closely included into our team. One of them did a coaching session, the second guy learnt some adjacent skills and now the workload balancing has become more sensible and less risky. We can better back us up now. Oh! We also abolished sync-up meetings and spend this time discussing new features and new projects instead. Which actually materialized in a product we are now designing — I'll tell you when we're finished!»
Anton Rechnik  (Project Manager)
iDo helped to look at things differently
«I could never think of making the working environment a real time competition. All these likes, comments and prizes for achievements are always pleasant surprises. To see that someone cares about what you do. Makes you want work better, faster, become the bast. We are more productive now, thank you!»
Mikhail Kostyukov (Commercial Manager)
Everyone sees what others do and we can thank or troll them at any time, ask a question or make a joke.
«We now better understand what each of us is doing for the whole day. And what each of us has contributed to our mutual success. We can track how we spend time and how it is spread between the goals and between the people. This is a fantastic insight into how we work together. It is crystal clear why some get fired and some get bonuses.»
Try And Make Sure!
Happy atmosphere in a team reduces absenteism and boosts productivity. Proven!
Positive to negative feedback must weigh 6 to 1. Not less!
Help your Boss! Praise each other's achievements in your own way. Make him notice!
To do this, everyone must be able to see important stuff that's being done by others
Or, even better, feel how those Didit!s visibly contribute to shared goals
Moreover, those sync-up meetings have never been so fun. Now with likes and achievements!