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About Us
Yukti is a solid team of professionals in the field of IT, design and product marketing. We have consolidated our skills, experience and resources in order to implement our creative ideas and ambitions. We are driven by creation of the products that rock. We are fascinated to put our products in millions of people's hands and make their lives brighter. High expertise and restless creative drive are our stronghold.
During implementing our ideas and projects we are constantly seeking the most interesting, the most effective and the best ways to organize one's work. We use various conventional as well as own methods and tools to improve both personal and team performance. Four years of joint creative work and expertise have grew into a number of somewhat unique tools. We do believe in those tools, therefore we are gladly sharing them with everyone. We know that they have already done our team's work more efficient. And we are confident that our tools will do good to everyone.
These tools create solid foundation for communication, trust, clear goals and approval.
We wanted that each member of our team knew the importance of his work, the value of the building-block that he has put into our project. So we have invented iDo.
We wanted information, which is passing through every day, to no longer be scattered and dissolved over time. We were eager to combine knowledge from different areas, so that knowledge of one field helped to comprehend phenomena from other fields. We wanted to help our brains to explore, discover and remember. And here we have got iKnow.
We wanted to stay focused. We wished that everything we do is the best. We wanted to find out what is unnecessary and should go away. That is how we designed iCan.
Everything we did was tested on us and made for you!